Family Care Physician vs. Pediatrician

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pediatrician atlantaWhen it comes to child health care, nobody does it better than pediatricians do it, is that not right? After all, that is what the field of Pediatrics is all about, is it not: the care of children all under the adult age? Have you, however, tried to compare just how well pediatric practitioners take care of infants, kids, and adolescents alike, as compared to how family care physicians do whatever they do? Family care physicians, though not as specialized in the field of medically taking care of children and adolescents as pediatric practitioners are; however, they are still pretty well-trained when it comes t overall family medical care. Keep your eyes on this, as it tries to fully dissect just how pediatricians fare against family care physicians.

Pediatrics and Pediatricians 101

First off, what in the world is the medical branch of Pediatrics all about? It can be assured now that Pediatrics is a specialization, in the sense that pediatric practitioners are solely devoting their times to non-adults. The word Pediatrics itself and its correlated elements actually mean “healer of children”. Pediatrics itself is not a specialization—there are further specializations within this branch of medicine (pediatric ophthalmology, pediatric hematology, pediatric dermatology among other pediatric specializations)—which means pediatricians are more of general practitioners, much like how there are general surgeons in hospitals. This does not, however, take away any credentials from these pediatric practitioners.

Compared to many other medical specialties, the specialty of Pediatrics is a relatively new one. This, however, has not stopped it from becoming one of the most well-known and sought after medical specializations in the medical field. The truth that many babies, kids, and adolescent teenagers out there are given extra medical care by parents and other guardians alike makes demand for pediatricians that much more. This, and the fact that some of the best doctors out there in the country are added testaments to just why it became so sought after a medical specialty. Why, there are 38 pediatricians in the list of U.S. News’ top doctors in the great city of Atlanta alone. If that does not say anything about just how popular, and not to mention important a medical field Pediatrics has become, there might be little to add to that. To your surprise, however, there is still a lot.

In the United States, being a pediatrician is more of a principal health care physician than anything. That must be brought up because, in the Commonwealth of Nations, being a “paediatrician” (British English spelling), entails you with more of a medical specialist rather than just a general care physician. With regards to the length, or the number of years these hopeful pediatric practitioners learn Pediatrics, the United States requires fewer years of further study for their pediatric practitioners, compared to that of the Commonwealth of Nations’ 1 or more extra years of further studying. Regardless of whether you are a pediatric practitioner in the United States or in the Commonwealth of Nations, however, the fact that pediatric practitioners are still regarded as medical experts is a worldwide regard.

The Family Care Physician, The General Practitioner

If anything has to be known about Pediatrics and pediatricians alike, it has been said. Now, however, the question which of whether a family care physician or a pediatrician should be the ones taking care of your children or non-adult family members must be addressed. Though, what are family care physicians? Are they any different from pediatricians, and if so, how and why?

Family care physicians (once called family practitioners but are now more commonly known as family doctors) are basically medical specialists focused on the health and wellbeing of the whole family, regardless of age. May it be an adult, a non-adult, a senior citizen, a teenager or a baby infant, family care physicians may attend to them and will have more or less ample knowledge on how to take medical care of each member of said multi-age ranging family. These family doctors are not bound or restricted by gender, type of disease, or any specific part of the body either. They are, more or less general as general health care practitioners may get.

Family care doctors specialize in the medical branch of primary care, in which’s main objective is the total health care of any and all individuals. Primary care may probably one of the oldest medical fields of medicine in the whole history of medical branches. Since medicine in the ancient times was not as specialized as they are nowadays, primary care may actually have been the predominant medical field, if not the only one during its time. This may surely be one of the many reasons—but probably one of the more fundamental—why family care physicians are timeless doctors always requested by families.

They do not shy of being few either. Near Atlanta alone, almost 500 family care physicians are available, more than half of that number, maybe, are actually from Atlanta. The objective of these family care doctors or physicians is to provide more individual, and personal health care, geared towards the family, and at the largest, a small community. It is because of this fact that they are more known to the general public as “knowledgeable yet compassionate”—the general practitioner.

This is primarily one of the reasons why these family care doctors are so closely related to and compared with pediatricians. The fact that they are knowledgeable with what to do medically with children makes them candidates for taking care of children in the family, at times, even more than pediatricians. That being said, pediatric practitioners are still the more logical choice to medically take care of baby infants, kids and children, and teenage adolescents. There are a couple of very good reasons as to why.

Specialty Beats Generality

Though a lot family care physicians are very well-educated in the methods of how to properly take care of all types of individuals in the family, babies, children and teenagers not being exceptions, when it really comes down to it, specialty always trumps general knowledge of things.

When a baby coughs, a family care physician may diagnose it as a common cough, whereas a pediatric practitioner may see a completely different diagnosis. Where a family care physician may see only a small, seemingly insignificant wound, despite already taking into account the possibilities of any internal causes, a pediatrician would not take any chances and always assume any and all possibilities of everything about the wound. The cold, hard truth may really be that medical specialty will always be chosen over general practice.

Having medically specialized practitioners taking great care for the ultimate healthy wellbeing of your children would never be too much to ask. Would you not want someone who studied for a little over 10 years taking care of your child? This is the reason why pediatricians study and learn all there is to know about Pediatrics the way they do—to be able to offer all non-adults and provide them with the best possible medical health care they can possibly give. These pediatric practitioners studying extra years after already so many years of studying is worth it for them, for as long they get to give everything they have learned in service. In addition, an Atlanta pediatrician is screened by the Georgia Medical Board in order to get licensed for practice and only the best qualify.

This truth does not diminish anything from family care physicians. If anything, it only makes their professions and positions all the more admirable. Where there is the medical specialty of medically taking care of children in the form of the pediatric practitioners, they can only go so far as have a complete knowledge about their specified medical field. Family health care doctors may know general things, but they certainly know more about the other members of the family compared to that of the pediatric practitioners. It really finally depends on which purpose you would want a family care physician or a pediatrician for. Given all of this, however, it will probably already be clear to you whom you would choose, should either medical practitioner’s expertise come more required from you.

If you still think that it matter whether you pick a pediatrician or a family care physician, the ultimate answer really lies within yourself. If you believe that there is not that much a difference between these two medically able practitioners, then either one of them taking care of you or your children would be fine. But to make things very clear, here is the bottom line: family care physicians are very different from pediatricians. Generality and specialty will always be different from each other. All you have to decide upon is whether you would need or really require generality, or specialty.

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